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About Us

How It All Began...

At a young age myself and my younger brother found an abandoned tortoise in an overgrown derelict garden. We took it home to mum who eventually allowed us to keep it as a pet and there the obsession with reptiles was born. Over the next 30+ years I have owned, rehomed and educated myself on dozens if not hundreds of species of reptiles, insects and arthropods. One day I decided I wanted to find a way to pass down this knowledge to both educate people and preserve the future of these amazing creatures and after much time and hard work, Noah's was finally born. It is more of an obsession than a profession. The vast majority of your proceeds goes directly towards the daily care, feeding and general maintenance of the animals and their enclosures so you are not only getting an unforgettable experience but also helping us continue taking the best possible care of these amazing creatures for more and more people to see in the future.

Live Educational & Interactive Shows

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Ahem... But with our shows we try to combine education with enthusiasm, humour, passion and even a little flair. Each package we offer is tailor made to suit both the age group and event we attend, and the creatures we bring along will also reflect that. For example we wouldn't be bringing a giant venomous scorpion to meet a party of 5 year olds! During the educational talks everyone will be given the opportunity to hold the animals, pet them, or simply watch from a distance (usually the grown ups) but rest assured all of our creatures are very used to human contact and pose no threat to humans whatsoever. Most of them just love a kiss and a cuddle!

Our Collection Of Loveable Friends

We have a large collection of creatures great and small. Small and spikey. Big and hairy. Long and ssssslithery...

To protect the welfare of them all we only allow two shows a week per animal so not to distress them in any way. But not to worry we aren't called Noahs Ark for nothing as we have a minimum of two of each species available at all times. They can range from Spiderlings and Baby Corn Snakes all the way up to one of our 7inch Tarantulas or 5-6 feet Pythons and a huge variety in between. If there are specific species or sizes you would like us to bring along please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Price List & Options

NOTE: All jokes aside, the safety of both our customers and animals is of the uptmost importance to us and all health and safety measures will be strictly adheared to. Safety equipment such as gloves, eye protection and hand sanitisers will be provided.

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